Weatherford Hiring in Alberta

What Weatherford is Hiring For:

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Newly listed positions for Wireline Operators, MWD Field Specialists (Drilling Services), and Pump Technicians. Also listed as available include Seasonal Wireline Operators, Drivers/Riggers, Shop Technicians, Fishing Field Specialists, Entry level Pump Labourers, Swampers, and many more

A Little Bit About Weatherford:

Specializing in innovative formation evaluation techniques, products and services that ensure well integrity and drilling reliability, novel reservoir completion and stimulation technology that optimizes recovery, and the industry’s leading portfolio of artificial lift products and production optimization capabilities, Weatherford develops and applies its specific technology, understanding and expertise to help its customers efficiently develop new resources and maximize recovery from producing reservoirs.

Weatherford focuses specifically on reducing customers’ costs and risks with competent personnel, reliable products and consistent, safe performance at the well site all of which underpin our credibility as an oil field service company.

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Careers with Weatherford

We may be a large company, but we empower our team to create fresh ideas that challenge convention and break the status quo.

Our employees are the key to driving our growth and success. Everywhere we operate, they are inspired to develop new and efficient ways of raising the bar to meet the needs of an evolving industry and solve our clients’ toughest challenges.

Our entrepreneurial spirit is evident in how we approach challenges and how we share resources with co-workers.

While everyone at Weatherford is empowered to innovate and create new solutions, by collaborating with their colleagues across groups and across borders, these ideas are made stronger and brought to reality sooner.

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Employee Reviews:

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