Keane Group Hiring in TX, ND, OH, OK, & PA

What Positions Are Keane Group Hiring For:

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Tons of Frac Operators / Supervisors / Field Engineers and Sand Haulers, Mechanics, Wireline Operators, Gunloaders, Drivers, Electronics Technicians and plenty more (below) in TX, ND, OH, OK, & PA.

A Little About Keane Group:

We deliver as promised, helping our customers get the most out of their assets with the greatest efficiency. Our customers are our greatest asset. We are accessible, responsive, transparent and nimble in meeting our customers’ needs. We believe in continued responsible growth, fiscal stability, and transparency, creating value for our customers and employees.

The work we do at Keane Group is driven by deep customer partnerships and defined by a relentless focus on safety, operational performance, and responsible growth. Our mission is to deliver nothing less than excellence in every aspect of our business and to build value for our customers and employees.

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Careers with Keane Group

Keane Group is seeking applicants who identify with our core values of Operational Excellence, HSE, Responsibility, and Partnership. We offer career opportunities with competitive wages and benefits.

The health and safety of our employees, and our responsibility for the natural environment in which we operate, is Keane’s highest priority. All of our employees are empowered and expected to manage their own safety and health and that of their fellow workers, as well as the protection of the environment — regardless of their level in the company.

All of us are collectively accountable and responsible for managing this crucial aspect of the business.

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Employee Reviews:

Ready to get started?

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Use the follow methods to directly access available jobs with Keane Group:

  • HR & Careers overview page Here
  • View Available Careers Here

Good Luck!

image: Keane Group

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