KS Industries Hiring in New Mexico

What KS Industries is Hiring for:

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Roustabouts, crew leads, working foremen for work in the Carlsbad NM area. Long term stable company. Per diem is provided.

A Little Bit about KS Industries

At KS Industries, LP (KSI) our mission is to achieve “World Class Operations Excellence” and deliver only the highest value quality services. KSI’s vision is to be the “Best” relationship-based single source service provider in the energy sector.

The business serves a number of industries, including upstream oil and gas production, natural gas treating and transportation, refining, co-generation, heavy industrial, and all types of pipelines.

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Since KSI’s beginning in 1960, the company has had healthy steady growth. It is comprised of six separate companies, which can act independently or as an  integrated, single-source provider for all project needs

Careers with KS Industries

At KS Industries, we embrace our responsibility to achieve “World Class Operations Excellence” and deliver only the highest value quality services to our customers and reach our Vision to be the “Best” relationship based single source service provider in the energy sector. From owners to every employee, we are all responsible and accountable for each other’s safety in the same manner as productivity, quality, efficiency, reliability and delivery.

In describing the elements of our safety, we believe the atmosphere, or “way of working”, within the company is what influences safe behavior. Our culture consists of shared beliefs, practices and attitudes. Our culture is a powerful invisible force that shapes our employees’ behavior and shared sense of responsibility.

The culture at KSI starts with owners, leaders, and managers and has to be a true value or “belief” that employee well-being and safety is the ultimate achievement. Leading by example is the “only” acceptable behavior for our leaders.

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Employee Reviews

Ready to Get Started?

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Use the follow methods to directly access available jobs with KS Industries:

  • Email resumes to dlvalencia@ksilp.com
  • Apply online @ Job Board here

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