Direct Contacts for 150+ Pipeline Companies Across the US

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It’s the million dollar questions many looking for work in the industry are asking themselves?

Will the pipeline and oilfield activity in the US persist?

While Forbes anticipates that the Permians pipeline bottleneck should be eased by latter 2020, currently there is a major shortage of flow – and not just in the Permian area – states like Wyoming also expect plenty of pipeline activity in the near future.

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The List

Originally created via a share on the Pipeliners of America Facebook page, a user who was seeking employment for her husand and in the process created a large list of contact information for PIpeline companies hiring across the United states.

We’ve taken this list and expanded it to include the company’s website, careers page, or social media page where available. For those Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel users, we’ve also created a tab where you can add additional notes and keep track of your progress.

Online list

Don’t want to download files and simply want the info?

Find it in this table below:

Name of CompanyPhone NumberWebsite / Careers Page / Contact
AAA Offshore Services & More,985 278-7439na
Abercrombie Pipeline Services,406 586-1995
Ace Pipeline330 719-3742na
Ace Pipeline, Inc.304 548-8110
Alaska Continental Pipeline360 864-8866
Alegion, Inc.334 335-2335
Alex E. Paris Contracting Co., Inc724 947-2235
American Construction Services, Inc. of Tampa813 247-1419
Apex Pipeline Services, Inc.304 204-0080
Appalachian Pipeline Contractors, LLP615 264-8775
Appellation Pre-Fab,570 601-4765
ARB, Inc949 598-9242
Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc.713 789-4311
B. Miller Excavating, Inc.304 354*7771
B&G Pipeline Company501 305-3677
Big Inch Fabricators and Construction765 245-9353
Bill Hawk, Inc.330 833-5558
Blacklick Energy & Pipeline Services, Inc.724 459-3333
Blue Flame Pipeline,304 782-1136
Bond Brothers617 387-3400
Brothers Pipeline Corp360 636-4463
Caliber HDD,(770) 942-8180na
Casper Construction, Inc.218 326-9637
CBC Pipeline318 488-7223na
Cenergy,304 743-4250
Charp’s Welding & Fabricating, Inc.218 776-3080
Continental Pipeline Services660 542-1516na
Contracting & Material Co., Inc (Meade)708 588-6000
Contractors Rental Corp dba CJ Hughes304 522-3868
Corval Constructors, Inc.651 642-5891
Coyne’s Welding Service903 736-7072na
CR Meyer and Sons Company920 235-3350
D.A. Foster Trenching Company703 352-2998
D.R.S. Enterprises, Inc.216 581-7771
Danella Construction Corp of NY914 273-7979
Delta Double Jointing Corp.225 775-3018na
Double D Pipeline Services256 381-4300na
Dover Contracting, Inc.330 343-4612
Elcon Pipeline, Inc.217 562-5812na
Engle Management,304 762-1293na
Evets, Inc.330 758-6699
Foltz Welding Ltd618 432-7777
Frank Lill and Son, Inc.585 265-0490
Furino & Sons, Inc.908 756-7736
G.P.L. Construction, Inc.401 568-2810
Gabe’s Construction Co, Inc.920 459-2600
Gayhart Services334 797-0749na
Geeding Construction, Inc.636 528-5863
Geohagan Gas Inst. & Pipeline850 672-0297na
Global Pipeline,606 874-9254
GRP Mechanical Co.618 258-9000
H.D. Griffin660 452-1516
Hayes Mechanical773 784-0000
Henkels & McCoy, Inc.215 283-7600
Infrasource Construction,734 821-3652
Infrasource Services,253 863-0484
Intercon Construction, Inc.608 227-7475
Intren, Inc.847 923-2300
J.F. Ahern Co.920 921-9020
J.L. Allen217 253-3377
J&L Pipeline Services563 886-1643
Jan Squires, Inc.440 988-7859na
JH Kelly,360 423-5510
K&R Services, Inc.325 529-3997
Kirila Contractors330 448-4055
KS Energy Services, Inc.262 642-9200
Land Services309 523-3588
Latex Construction Company770 760-0820
LMC Industrial Contractors, Inc.585 226-6244
Loftis Construction Corp.704 597-5811na
M&L Pipeline Services,501 724-6132na
Madison Industrial Services Team610 358-4006
Mannon Pipeline,740 377-9488na
Marcum Pipeline Co.870 238-7812na
Matrix SME, Inc610 876-9292
McCarl’s, Inc.724 843-5660
McCizer Pipeline, Inc.501 729-1147
Metro Underground Services, Inc.573-468-2071na
Michels Pipeline920 583-3132
Mid State Contractors573 358-2763
Mid-Ohio Contracting, Inc.330 343-2925
Midwest C&M Construction,815 562-8680
Midwest Underground, Inc.309 751-9890
Midwestern Contractors630 668-3420
Midwestern Pipeline Services415 392-2031
Miller / Ohio Valley Pipeline812 474-0189
Miller Pipeline Corp.317 293-0278
Minnesota Limited, Inc.763 262-7000
Mountain State Pipeline & Excavating304 548-6630na
MP Technologies320 963-2499
Napp-Grecco Company973 482-3500na
Nogle & Black Mechanical217 344-2523
North Houston Pole Line, LP713 691-3616
Northeast Fabrication508 278-0009
Northwest Metal Fab & Pipe, Inc.503 692-0995
Otis Eastern Service, Inc.585 593-4760
Over & Under Piping Contractors, Inc.315 253-2791
P.J. Steele Supply,231 384-4005na
Parkside Utility Construction,401 944-1919
Patriot Pipeline,508
Patterson & Wilder Construction Co., Inc.205 663-7531
Penn Bower908 638-8025
Pentzien, Inc.402 397-7800na
Performance Mechanical, Inc.925 432-4080
Performance Pipeline,304 282-7018na
Pete Gould & Sons, Inc.304 273-9361na
Pipe Line Constructors,713 863-0522na
Pipeline Energy Group, Inc. (DBA Carl Smith Pipeline615 764-0000na
Piping & Equipment Co., Inc.316 838-7511
Potelco, Inc.(253) 863-0484
Precision Pipeline715 874-4510
Price-Gregory Construction, Inc.713 780-7500
Q3 Contracting651 365-7344
Quality Underground, Inc.409 697-1111na
Quest Construction, Inc.740 503-2233
R.E.M. Pipeline Services, Inc.205 792-2489na
R.L. Coolsaet Construction Co.734 946-9300
R.L. Morris & Sons231 258-8656na
R.V. Wagner, Inc.314 892-1600
R&R Pipeline Construction618 993-0335
Rand Construction Company816 421-4143
Roberts Pipeline, Inc.765 533-4728
Rockford Corp.503 647-0224
Rodenberg Diversified660 542-2500na
S.Jackson Welding,937 608-7698
Satterfield Pipeline870 499-7151na
SCG,402 960-8667na
Schmid Pipeline Construction, Inc.920 387-9997
Sheehan Pipe Line Construction Co.918 747-3471
Snelson Companies, Inc.360 856-6511
South State, Inc.856 431-5300
Southern Pipeline Construction Co., Inc.501 759-2950
Sullivan and Merritt Constructors, Inc.207 848-5788
T.J. Construction, Inc.256 718-2041
T.M. Services304 548-8100na
Taylor Pipeline Construction404 989-0377na
The Jamar Company218 628-1027
Three B Contractors337 368-6662na
Ty Britt Construction,304 548-4646na
U.S. Pipeline, Inc.281 531-6100
U.S. Prairie Pipeline Contractors406 489-1270
U.S. Trinity Contractors Services940 240-5800
U.S. Trinity Energy Services940 240-5800
Union Pipeline, inc.724 925-1450
United Piping, Inc.218 727-7676
United Welding, Inc.304 375-7473
Utility Services Authority,734 481-0822
Utilty Line Services, Inc.610 239-0900
UUP, Inc.718 948-7770na
Voshell Bros. Welding, Inc.302 674-1414na
W. Soule269-324-7001
W.A. Rasic562 928-6111
Wayne Holden & Company, Inc.870 772-7172
Welded Construction, L.P.419 874-3548
Welding Unlimited & Fabrication,970 208-3222na
Wilco Pipeline Contractors,337 334-6677na
Xtreme Fabrication719 846-0722