Just Posted: Rock Truck, Labourers, Mulcher, Slasher, Heavy Equipment Operators Safety & more.

What Centrefire is Hiring For:

Just Posted North of Fort McMurray: Rock truck Drivers, Labourers, Mulcher Operator, Heavy Equiment Operator, Slasher Operator, Safety & more.  14 days on/7 days off.

A Little About Centrefire:

On time, On budget, Four basic words that , in some instances, seem to have a broad span of interpretation. But not at Centerfire. Even before our formal incorporation, we had an intrinsic understanding of the underlying principles that would guide the operation of our company, and how these principles would impact the strength of our client relationships.

As a service oriented company, the cornerstone that we would build the Centerfire foundation on simply came down to this: to provide the best possible product and service that we can.

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As simple as that may appear, it is to no one’s surprise how many hurdles have to be cleared to reach this objective. Right from the start, we employed an intuitive strategy of rapid growth and expansion, not only to enhance our capabilities, but to also demonstrate to our clients our unwavering drive and determination.

Careers with Centrefire:

Congratulations, you have taken the first step in a rewarding career in the exciting world of Centerfire. We are always accepting resumes from good qualified people that have the want to be with the best. We offer many great incentives for the right candidates.

Please forward your resume and what type of career you would like. We also have short term positions available for those that prefer that type of work.

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