Ledcor Needs Entry Level Pipeline Labourers in Alberta

What They’re Hiring For:

Ledcor is hiring for Entry-level labourers who have experience working in the pipeline industry.  This is a 9 on / 5 off shift rotation working up to 10-12 hours/day or 5 on / 2 off 8 hours/day.

A Little Bit About Ledcor:

We believe that projects are about more than concrete and steel. They’re about people and the power of partnerships. Partnerships with our employees, our communities, our contractors and clients. We believe in building trust in the places where we do business—whether that’s by engaging honestly, by giving back, by putting safety first, or by looking for smarter, more sustainable ways to get the job done right.

Careers with Ledcor:

Want a career that means more? Many construction companies boast of award-winning projects, big equipment, and challenging work. What makes a career at Ledcor different? Our work is challenging, our equipment is huge and we have been honored with our fair share of awards.

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But there is something different in the air at Ledcor. It’s a spirit of family and an uncompromised commitment to each other. Every member of our Ledcor team contributes and is part of our story.

Employee Reviews:

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Image source: Ledcor.com

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