Operators, Labourers, Mechanics, Welders, More Needed in Fort Mac (Flights/Camp)

What They’re Hiring For:

With a recently signed $400M Oilsands contract in place, NACG needs Truck/Shovel Supervisor, Heavy Equipment Trainer, Serviceman, Journeyman Offroad Mechanic, Parts Technician, Steamer, Labourer, Medium Duty Mechanic, Welder, and more. Positions are a combination of local & fly-in w/camp. Please refer to the individual positions (link under ‘ready to get started’) for info.

A Little Bit About North American Construction:

North American Construction Group (NACG) is the premier provider of heavy construction and mining services in Canada.

With over 60 years of experience, NACG can provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to meet our customer’s requirements from consultation to completion; a distinct advantage that few contractors can rival.

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Careers with North American Construction:

NACG has the solutions to help you meet your goals. We’re more than just big equipment. The difference is in our unique talent and knowledge, combined with an unmatched history of over 60 years of experience.

Trust, expertise and sustainability, our company has been built on these standards. We will continue to embrace these standards as we further our commitment to our partners.Show us your vision and we will make it happen. Note:  North American Group would like to receive all applications electronically, so they ask you do not fax or mail your resume. Ensure you fill apply to each job electronically at the link at the bottom of this page.

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Ready to Get Started?

Use the following to learn more and apply for positions:

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  • Submit resume to careers@nacg.ca
  • Apply for positions online Here

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