Pipeline Labourers Needed in Central Alberta ASAP (Starts Dec 9th & 12th)

What Positions Are WPW Inc. Hiring For:

Position no longer available

A Little About WPW Inc.:

WPW Inc. has been an industry leading oilfield service and welding and fabrication company since 1983. We pride ourselves in providing a safe working environment along with high quality workmanship.

We provide many construction services to the Alberta and BC oil and gas industry specializing in pipelines, gas plants, compressor stations, oil batteries and well-site facilities along with providing a full range of Alberta oilfield construction, fabrication and repair services.

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Careers with WPW Inc.:

WPW Inc. is a fast paced, rapidly growing oilfield service company based in Central Alberta.
We pride ourselves in providing and maintaining a qualified permanent staff. We are always looking for talented, reliable and highly motivated personnel to fill a wide range of challenging and rewarding positions.

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  • Position no longer available

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