20 Laborers Needed in in Mont Belvieu TX: No TWIC Needed

What Bomac Contractors is Hiring For

Bomac Contractors is looking for Laborers for a job at Oneok in Mont Belvieu, Texas. No TWIC needed. Working 5-10’s plus Saturday’s. Pay is $16.00 hr.

We have 20 spots to fill – be sure to apply ASAP!

A Little Bit About Bomac Contractors:

Today, we have the expertise, capacity and financial strength to provide a large array of civil, piling and marine construction services for any size project, in many types of environments and across a wide geographical range.

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Our offices are strategically located in Beaumont, New Orleans, Lake Charles, and Houston. We live in your area, we work in your area, and we understand how to meet your unique needs.

Careers With Bomac Contractors:

Throughout our organization, what sets us apart is our commitment to doing what’s right. We say what we mean and we live by it; no excuses, no cutting corners.

If you share our dedication to providing customer value and seek a fast-paced, forward-looking career, click apply now below to learn about positions available.

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Ready To Get Started?

Use the follow methods to directly access available jobs with Bomac Contractors:

  • Please apply online at Here
  • Call Susan or Eva at 409-842-2125.

src: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1492181441048928/

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