AMD Energy Services Hiring in West Texas

What AMD Energy Services is Hiring For:

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Flowback Operators, Frac Valve Techs, Nipple-Up/Down Crews. Positions need to be filled ASAP!

A Little Bit About AMD Energy Services:

AMD Energy Services team as a whole, its culture, systems, equipment, and training has demanded the upmost innovation, safety and skill when providing for clients in consistent day to day operations. Our reputation has proven this time and time again.

With an understanding of responsibility for all of our services & equipment to be held to the highest standard, we hold ourselves accountable down to the very last hour.

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Careers with AMD Energy Services:

Safety is the number one priority within AMD Energy’s culture.  Our team is committed to ensure all of our clients have the peace of mind when it comes to their assets especially under project deadlines, harsh weather conditions and safety procedures.

We’re always looking for proficient, hardworking individuals – If you’re a passionate worker and think you have what it takes, send your resume and details below for all opportunities. Desired Attributes: Passion for Learning, Positive Energy, Great Communication Skills, Mechanical Knowledge, Engineering, Powerful Work Ethic.

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Employee Reviews:


Ready to get started?

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Use the follow methods to directly access available jobs with AMD Energy Services:

  • Contact AMD Here
  • Please submit your resume to
  • Download application Form here

src: West Texas Oilfield Jobs FB

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