Floorhands Needed in TX, NM, ND: No Experience Necessary

What Black Hawk Energy (Steel Energy) Services is Hiring for:

Black Hawk energy Services Needs Floorhands in TX, MO and ND. No experience necessary, though hard labor / construction experience preferred. Other positions also available.

A Little Bit About Black Hawk Energy Services:

Black Hawk is building ten new heavy service rigs for the Bakken Shale of North Dakota. Our 24 hour drill out packages include virtually every piece of equipment associated with drill out operations, saving time and money and the inconvenience and cost of dealing with multiple vendors. This gives producers the unique ability to custom design a complete package specific to their needs and operations.

Black Hawk rigs are capable of depths of up to 20,000 ft. Our safety record is exemplary and our customers include many major and independent producers. We are ISNetworld compliant and have a full time safety staff to assure compliance with the highest standards of our industry.

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Careers with Black Hawk Energy Services:

We are looking for individuals that are team builders and team players. You must possess the ability to put Safety and Customer Satisfaction at the top of your job description. At Black Hawk Energy Services we actually believe. “It’s OUR People That Make The Difference.” We also offer a sign on Bonus and many other benefits “too many to mention here” that can be discussed during your interview. If you are ready for a new start and want to work for a company that recognizes your value along with contributions to their success, than look no further than Black Hawk Energy Services.We offer Competitive wages and quality benefits.

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