Hole Watch/Fire Watch/Bottlewatch Hiring Event in Texas City Aug 13th & 15th

What is  Certified Safety Hiring for:

Workforce Solutions Texas City will host a hiring event for Certified Safety on August 13th and 15th for Hole Watch/Fire Watch / Bottlewatch. $15/hr Turnaround / shutdown; duration 4-12 weeks

A little bit about Certified Safety

CertifiedSafety is about one thing: working with our clients to increase their level of safety certainty on every project. Why? Safety-related incidents are expensive, time-consuming, and can substantially impact financial sustainability and reputations.

We know big projects, such as turnarounds, bring many contractors, hundreds or thousands of workers, specialized equipment and a large spike in activity. During these peak resource periods it is often impractical for owners/operators to effectively and consistently provide the best-in-class strategies, plans, personnel, and equipment to increase safety certainty.

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Careers with Certified Safety:

CertifiedSafety is a company of amazing people working together to improve the performance in the areas of safety within the chemical, oil & gas, energy, wind power and general construction markets. We consider our company the leader in providing safety personnel and services in our industry. We constantly assess our capabilities and processes to ensure that our company continues to grow.

At CertifiedSafety, we are committed to our core values. Our core values define who we are and serve as our strategy to help us become the company we would like to be. We truly live these values every day.

Event Details & More info:

Get all the details below:

  • Complete online application Here
  • 08.13.19 at 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • 3549 Palmer Highway
    Texas City, Texas 77590

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