Interview in Person March 8th: Pushers, Operators, 14/7 or 6/2, Housing, Full Benefits

What WRP is Hiring For:

-Must have CDL-A, Tankers and Hazmat.
-Must have experience operating a Vacuum Truck and/or Winch Truck. 
-Truck Pushers must have Experience Operating and Supervising for Winch and Vacuum.

-Schedule: 14/7 or 6/2 rotations.
-Compensation: Depends on Experience.
-Housing Available if Needed.
-Benefits: Full Medical Benefits with United Health Care, Paid Over Time and Vacation TIme.
-Orientation: One to Two days of Orientation, Paid Orientation, Provided with Shirts/Overalls.

A Little Bit About WRP:

Walter Resource Partners is one of the nation’s leading search and consulting firms. A privately held company with over 100 combined years of experience, we are the talent advisor of choice among organizations seeking direction on high-level experienced professionals. WRP is recognized as a national leader among Oil & Gas, Trucking and Construction agencies. Providing the industry’s most reliable professionals in a variety of trades and specialties, we can provide you with an individual, a team or a whole division!

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We specialize in operational and technical placements, work across a range of industries and company sizes, and provide PINNACLE PLACEMENTS with VALUE for our clients.  WRP has built its reputation on the ability to consistently recruit world-class leadership talent with an exemplary record of familiarity and sincerity. Providing our clients with specialty professionals is what we do.-

Careers with WRP:

If you have ever struggled with building a skilled job force to excel in your industry, connect to one of our division experts at Walter Resource Partners today and experience the difference of working with a leader! We understand the importance of having the right skill level for each position, therefore our consultants employ an unsurpassed screening process to ensure they have the experience and the ability to do the job.

Employee Reviews:

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Ready to get started?

Interviews are in person and Spots will fill up fast.  Use the following 2 methods to learn more or to apply for the positions:

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  • Interviews will be Friday, March 8th – In Midland, TX
  • Call or Text: 855.497.7669
  • More online at


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