PCL Construction Hiring in LA: Per diem, $14-$36/hr

What PCL Construction is Hiring For:

PCL Construction in Westlake, LA is hiring combo welders $36/hr, journeyman pipefitters $33 NCCER plus, $31 NCCER, $30 for no certs. Also hiring helpers $14-$22.40 up to $25.50 with a craft test for pipe helpers. Job is at Sasol, no TWIC needed. Per diem is offered for journeyman at 75$. About 40 positions available.

A Little Bit About PCL Construction:

The PCL family of companies has a century-long tradition of excellence, hard work, and a can-do attitude when providing construction services in the commercial, civil infrastructure, and heavy industrial markets.

This family of independent construction companies forms one of the largest general construction contracting organization in North America.

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  • View skilled Craft Positions Here
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  • Call 337-429-2795 for additional details

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