PCL Needs Carpenters, Pipe Layers, Pipe Fitters, & Construction Laborers in AZ

What PCL Construction is Hiring For:

PCL Construction, Inc is looking to hire Carpenters, Pipe Layers & Pipe Fitters, & General Construction Laborers for a project out in Wickenburg, Arizona. There is no Per Diem. Hourly pay will be dependent on experience which will be discussed with the superintendent if they call you for an interview.

A Little Bit About PCL Construction:

The PCL family of companies has a century-long tradition of excellence, hard work, and a can-do attitude when providing construction services in the commercial, civil infrastructure, and heavy industrial markets.

This family of independent construction companies forms one of the largest general construction contracting organization in North America.

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Ready to get started?

Use the following 3 methods to learn more or to apply for the positions:

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  • In Person: Fill out an employment application at: PCL Construction Inc. 1711 W. Greentree Drive #201, Tempe, AZ 85284
  • Email: Send your info to wigapplicant@pcl.com
  • View all available positions with PCL Here

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