Remote Drilling Positions in Alaska: Floorhand, Operator, Derrickman, Electrician, More

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What is Doyon Drilling Inc. Hiring For:

Doyon Drilling still lists positions for Floorhand, Rig Mechanics, Loader Operator, Motorman, Derrickman, Pitwatch, Electrician and more. If you’re looking for something different, check these out.

A Little Bit About Doyon Drilling Inc.

Doyon Drilling Inc. (DDI) operates on the North Slope of Alaska with eight of the most unique oil and gas land drilling rigs specially designed to drill oil wells in extreme conditions. In 1982 as a joint venture between Doyon, Limited, an Alaska Native regional corporation, and Nugget Alaska, Inc. DDI was formed. In 1993 DDI became a wholly owned subsidiary of Doyon, Limited.

Careers with Doyon Drilling Inc.

Except in certain craft and specialty positions, all field positions require verifiable experience on oil or gas drill rigs. Experience on water or mineral coring drill rigs does not qualify an applicant for work on DDI’s petroleum drill rigs. Entry level roustabout positions are only granted to shareholders of Doyon, Limited, an Alaska Native regional corporation.

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Anchorage, Alaska is the point of hire for Doyon Drilling, Inc. Employees are required to arrange and fund their own travel, room and board to and from Anchorage. All work is in remote Alaska locations located on the North Slope and employees are required to possess appropriate arctic clothing and protective equipment for extreme cold temperatures.

The normal rotation for DDI jobs is 14/14, or two-weeks-on and two-weeks-off. The normal work hours are 12 hours per day. Overtime, in accordance with Alaska state wage and hour laws, is applied.


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