Rig Welders Needed ASAP: $35/hr + $15/hr Rig Pay (Houston)

What Positions Enerstaff Hiring For:

Need Rig Welders to weld test tomorrow (Sept 10th) at 7AM local to Houston, TX. Pay rate: $35/hr plus $15 rig pay (No per diem, projects are local to Houston). TWIC required

A Little About EnerStaff:

We believe that our business is about people communicating, listening, and working together to achieve the best results for all concerned. Based on this fundamental belief, EnerStaff’s mission is to provide you with the maximum degree of flexibility in solving your staffing needs in regards to your long-term and short-term hiring requirements.

Much of our success in employee recruiting and management comes from our proven ability to pinpoint the specific needs of our clients and deliver on-time services to meet those needs

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Careers with Enerstaff:

EnerStaff, LLC offers a wide range of staffing services that focus on the quality, maintenance and ongoing integrity of critical process equipment. We can assist recruiting and the hiring process of permanent and temporary personnel. Our multi-craft technicians have extensive experience and knowledge in the petrochemical and energy industries.

Enerstaff specializes in situations where safety, qualifications, stability, and reliability are a priority.

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Use the following 3 methods to directly access available jobs with Enerstaff:

  • Please come complete an application today before 4PM at : 950 Gemini Ave Ste 2, Houston, TX 77058
  • Call for more info:
    • Local Houston: (281) 282-1300
    • Toll-Free: 1 (877) 538-9293

src: https://www.facebook.com/enerstaff/

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