Trinidad Drilling Hiring For Immediate Work in Permian Basin

What Trinidad Drilling Needs:

Trinidad Drilling just updated available US based positions on their website for Derrickhands, Floorhands, Motorhands & Drillers! This is a VERY popular company with Oilfield Job Shop followers – Enjoy unsplit work weeks, continuous training, and competitive wages and benefits. Be part of the Trinidad Advantage and check this opportunity out today!

A Little Bit About Trinidad Drilling

Trinidad designs, builds and operates top-performing drilling rigs backed by in-house engineering and manufacturing teams. We’re applying advanced technologies to drill deeper, longer wells for energy producers more efficiently than ever before.

Trinidad is known for being an innovator and a problem solver. We’re listening to customers and our field crews to drive innovation and improved rig performance. Trinidad’s advanced rigs are built with lighter, stronger materials; cleaner natural gas and bi-fuel powered engines; and automation systems that improve crew safety and efficiency.

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Careers with Trinidad Drilling

Small company culture. Big opportunities. Trinidad treats our people like family – and our family is growing. We need more top performers to fill positions in North America, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and wherever our rigs are going next.

At Trinidad, we believe in helping our people succeed. Our crews are some of the most skilled and knowledgeable in the drilling business, and we’re committed to growing their careers and keeping them safe. As part of that commitment, Trinidad created a company-wide training program called Trinidad Essential Skills Training (T.E.S.T.) to help ensure members of our team have a safe and successful career. Trinidad needs more smart people to keep up with demand for Trinidad’s advanced rigs and drilling expertise. If you want to work with some of the best crews and equipment, see what Trinidad offers top performers.

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The Positions

  • You can find links and apply to available positions with Trinidad Drilling here.
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