VA Hiring Fair Nov 5th: Laborers, Equipment Operators, Sewer Camera Operators, Pipefiters & Foreman. More

Positions Southeast Connections, LLC Needs Filled:

Southeast Connections, LLC  are hiring! Come visit them and speak with their hiring Manager about an employment opportunity Nov 5th. Available positions include Laborers, Equipment Operators, Sewer Camera Operators, Pipefiters & Foreman.

A Little Bit About Southeast Connections, LLC

Southeast Connections, LLC provides inclusive infrastructure solutions for the natural gas industry. We construct the systems and facilities to transport the nation’s cleanest burning energy resource.

Southeast Connections offers complete construction services that include pipeline construction, installation, maintenance, repairs, stations, facility modification and new construction.

Careers with Southeast Connections, LLC

Our experience in pipeline construction execution and management enables Southeast Connections, LLC to undertake cost effective projects in the upstream and downstream sectors of the gas industry including mainline Transmission and Distribution projects.

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With excellent methods, knowledge, oversight and the right people, we have an understanding of what it takes to complete a job on time, under budget and per specifications. From Senior Management to the “boots on the ground”, Southeast Connections, LLC is dedicated & determined to remain the industry leader and earn continued respect from clients through our professionalism.

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Use the following methods to apply to and follow up with jobs to Southeast Connections, LLC:

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  • Open House #1:
    • FB Event Here
    • Date & time: Thursday Nov 5, 2019
    • Location: Residence Inn by Marriot Chesapeake Greenbrier 1500 Crossway Bvld Chesapeake, VA 2330


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